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Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment

Excalibur’s commercial water treatment products extends from standard applications like boiler protection (water softeners, scale control and reverse osmosis equipment) through high-volume Reverse Osmosis Systems for use in commercial car and truck washes. 

Through investing in standard engineering, we offer user-friendly advanced electronic high-efficiency designs with high flow rates, enhanced system reliability and channeling avoidance by combining up to six vessels with a smart valve controller so no custom design or engineering is required. 

We build single-vessel (Simplex) systems for applications that do not require high flow rates, 24/7 operation or resilience in case of a vessel failure. 

Beyond single-vessel systems, Excalibur builds duplex (2), triplex (3), quadplex (4), fiveplex (5) and sixplex (6) progressive flow systems to handle high flow rates, 24/7 operation, and high resilience to failure.

We use high-quality Canadian resins from Aldex and Excalibur programmable valves to build reliable, resilient, high-capacity systems with very high flow capacity (up to 2000 usgpm), supplied off the shelf – no design engineering required. 

Excalibur manufactures water treatment systems for use in a wide variety of applications in your Markham area business or industry:

Water Softeners

Excalibur industrial water softener

Chemical Removal Filters

Excalibur industrial chemical removal filter

Iron, Sulphur & Manganese Filters

Excalibur industrial iron, sulphur, manganese filter

Turbidity Filters

Excalibur industrial turbidity filter

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Excalibur SFIN industrial reverse osmosis system

Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Excalibur industrial cooling tower sidestream filter

Soft-Tec™ Scale Control Systems

Excalibur industrial soft-tec scale control system

Excalibur Water Systems is home of the 7 year unlimited warranty. The best commercial and industrial warranty in the Water Treatment Industry!

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